“Working closely with universities is the sound base to gain fresh insights and talents for our industry.”

Pro Carton actively promotes the opportunities that the packaging industry offers to pupils and students deciding on their career plan.

A Very Busy 2022!

Winfried Muehling, General Manager of Pro Carton, takes a look back at a very busy first half of 2022 and looks forward to some major events that are coming up in 2022.

TICCIT – Experiencing Circular Economy!

TICCIT (Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees) is Pro Carton’s schools’ education programme aimed mainly at children aged between 8-11 years. 


The TICCIT program (Trees Into Cartons Cartons Into Trees) teaches children that trees are a sustainable crop, just like fruit and vegetables.  TICCIT highlights the many uses for trees and paper-based packaging, and it underscores the importance of recycling. 

Teaching TICCIT at Home

TICCIT can easily be adapted to be taught at home, it’s fun and everyone will learn something from it.

The Carton Campaigners to the rescue!

The Carton Campaigners are our team of superheroes who want to help to reduce the impact that waste is having on our environment.

Pro Carton wins European Award

Pro Carton’s TICCIT initiative has won the 2019 European Paper Recycling Award (EPRC) for Information and Education.

TICCIT Programme Rolls Out Across Europe … and Beyond!

The TICCIT (Trees into Cartons, Cartons into Trees) schools Education Programme has sprouted many shoots in Europe over the last 12 months.

TICCIT In Action

The TICCIT educational programme has now been presented to a number of schools and groups across Europe.  The success of TICCIT relies on member companies partnering with their local schools. We invite you to take a look at TICCIT In Action

The Circular Economy for Kids!

One of the great things about TICCIT is that it teaches children about the circular economy but without them even knowing it!

Just the Ticket!

Pro Carton is excited to launch its latest initiative and to invite you all to participate in this rewarding opportunity. TICCIT is an educational outreach programme aimed mainly at children aged between 8-11 years that is all about trees, sustainability and the environment.