Klasse TV is a Dutch organisation with 2500 schools as subscribers.  They focus on dealing with socially relevant topics for children and teachers in primary schools.  Klasse TV prepares education formats for schools on various topics with both written and visual information.

In Holland there has been a lesson package around the subject of paper and cartonboard available for schools for approximately 10 years.  The package has recently been updated with the key words “recycling” and “growing trees”.  Schools work out various educational themes during the year and then the teachers collect information to fill their lessons –  Sustainability and circularity are examples of themes.  The ‘paper and cartonboard’ education package fits into these themes.  The package contains creative actions for the children, e.g. collecting information on a certain topic.  To fulfil these tasks, children can find the information on Klasse TV and also on the websites of Vouwkarton Platform, VNP and PRN. There’s a link from the lesson package to these organisations’ websites.

Vouwkarton promotes the Pro Carton TICCIT (Trees Into Cartons Cartons Into Trees) programme by connecting the ‘paper and cartonboard’ educational package with TICCIT. They are hopeful that the children will be interested to know more or go into action.

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