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Guidance on the improved collection and sorting of fibre-based packaging for recycling (December 2023)

Newly released guidance has undergone a comprehensive review, including an external stakeholder consultation.

The new Guidance deeply examines ‘routes’ from collection to recycling at the dedicated paper and board mills and provides practical recommendations on how to improve collection.

As key to increasing the already well-established recycling system in Europe, the Guidance endorses source-separated household kerbside collection, empowering consumers to recycle effectively.

4evergreen 3rd Anniversary Report: Perfecting Circularity Together (November 2023)

Circularity by Design Guideline for Fibre-Based Packaging v2 (June 2023)

The 4evergreen alliance releases version 2 of its Circularity by Design Guideline, with new guidance on how to design beverage packaging that is recyclable from the start.

Following months of expert-led research and discussions, the new recommendations cover fibre-based composite packaging types and inform designers on their compatibility with specialised recycling processes.

Recyclability: Towards 2030 and Beyond

Fibre material has one of the highest recycling rates in Europe. In fact, there is a whole network of mills across the continent equipped to recycle fibre-based packaging!

At 4evergreen, we are determined to perfect the recyclability of fibre-based packaging solutions by 2030. Towards that goal, our alliance is creating a toolbox – including the recently released beta version of the Recyclability Evaluation Protocol.

Composite fibre-based packaging is already successfully recycled across the EU. However, the 4evergreen protocol will decisively help the industry assess if a specific type of fibre-based packaging is compatible with standard mills or will need an enhanced process.  Check out the Infographic to learn more

Guidance on the Improved Collection and Sorting of Fibre-based Packaging for Recycling (December 2022)

After two years of work, combining the expertise of 24 individuals and validated by a further 75 industry representatives from 50 companies, the 4evergreen Workstream 3 has released this new guidance.

The Guidance reviews the pertinent regulatory and institutional frameworks and provides an assessment of available collection and sorting scenarios. It is intended to guide the implementation of future collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure, to meet EU legal requirements and realise our ambitious targets.

Circularity by Design Guideline for Fibre-Based Packaging

This document is intended for the evaluation of compatibility of materials and components with standard mill processes.

The guideline is therefore applicable to fibre-based packaging that is likely to be recycled in standard recycling mills, provided that product-specific regulations of the packaging are observed. Recommendations on the suitability of special recycling processes and recycling including deinking will be implemented in further versions.