The packaging industry offers attractive opportunities for those who are starting out on their career, but traditionally the industry has struggled with a shortage of skilled workers.

Part of Pro Carton’s work in promoting cartonboard and folding cartons is to bring our industry closer to pupils and students before they decide upon and set out to train for their career – we want to ensure that all young people are given the opportunity to consider the world of packaging.

For many years, we have worked with school-aged children through the TICCIT (Trees Into Cartons, Carton Into Trees) Learning Programme for Life.  You can see in our TICCIT In Action case studies that Pro Carton members engage directly with schools in their local region to teach them about wood, paper, cartonboard, cartons, recycling and composting.

Of course, we run annual Carton Award competitions for higher education and further education students – Pro Carton Young Designers Award (PCYDA) and Pro Carton Student Video Award (PCSVA).  Key to the success of our student Awards is a close co-operation between industry and education.

Below you will see an example of one of the visits by Pro Carton to a German University where we were asked to present an overview of the industry to a group of eager learners.  These types of visits are more and more commonplace as part of our annual Carton Award process – we look to inspire students to firstly enter their creations into the Award process – and then for them to engender relations with industry contacts and brand owners.

Justus Liebig University Giessen is running a program on “Sustainability in Economics”.  We had the pleasure to join the discussion with the students to talk about sustainable packaging.  Our presentation covered:

  1. The carton industry as an inspiring work place with great career opportunities
  2. The importance and relevance of working across industry borders
  3. Given opportunities and challenges with the upcoming PPWR
  4. Recycle vs Reuse vs Unpacked
  5. Life Cycle Analysis
  6. 25 is not the limit!
  7. Results of consumer studies

Our visit to the University featured in this article in packAKTUELL (German language).