Pro Carton has been partnered with The Museum of Brands in London since 2019.

Pro Carton and The Museum of Brands in Notting Hill, London started a partnership in 2019.  Ever since then, the Museum has displayed the winning packs from the European Carton Excellence Award (ECEA).

Since February 2023, the winners of the 2022 Pro Carton European Carton Excellence Award (ECEA) have been on display at the Museum, showcasing the versatility of cartonboard and how it can be used to create sustainable and attractive packaging designs.  The current display features 19 award-winning designs, which highlights smart, functional and sustainable packaging solutions in an ever increasing number of product categories.

Museum of Brands celebrates the best of cartonboard packaging.

Exploring how brands shape the world, the Museum of Brands is home to more than 12,000 original packs, posters and products from iconic, internationally renowned brands spanning from the Victorian era right up to the modern day.

Packaging is a huge part of a brand’s image and reputation, and The Museum of Brands is bursting with packaging concepts spanning through the years.

Pro Carton’s Educational Program for Sustainable Packaging.

The Pro Carton partnership with Museum of Brands forms part of our educational program for sustainable packaging.  Pro Carton participates in The Museum of Brands’ Talks Programme.  In March 2023, Winfried Muehling, Pro Carton Marketing and Communications Director, delivered a live, interactive session on ‘Choosing cartons for a sustainable future’, a session which covered the latest trends and insights relating to the entire packaging industry as it continues to promote a circular economy.

Visitors are invited to view the latest collection of award-winning packaging designs at The Museum of Brands in Notting Hill, London.