The TICCIT (Trees into Cartons, Cartons into Trees) schools’ Education Programme has sprouted many shoots in Europe over the last 12 months. Since its launch at the end of 2018, TICCIT has been enthusiastically received across Europe and we have received enquiries from as far and wide as El Salvador and Brazil! We know that teaching and planting sessions are taking place in many countries including The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Czechia, Bulgaria and Denmark. We are very grateful for the support being shown by ECMA and, in particular, the National Associations in promoting the activity in their countries.

The programme was originally devised by The Paperboard Packaging Council in the USA and they report that children involved in the programme have now planted a grand sum of 115,405 trees! Given Europe has a population roughly twice the size of the US there should be no reason why we can’t get to 200,000! With the increasing focus on global warming the TICCIT programme is more relevant than ever. Planting trees is, of course, one of the most effective ways of combatting global warming.

But why should companies get involved with the TICCIT programme? Here’s just some of the reasons:

  • It teaches and inspires the next generation about the importance of recycling and the sustainability of paper based packaging.
  • It builds community by connecting children, families, teachers and businesses.
  • You make a difference by planting more trees.
  • It’s low cost and everyone enjoys it!

FREE resources are now available in eight languages. In addition to the original 5 languages – English, French, German, Italian and Spanish – we have recently added Dutch, Polish and Turkish. The success of TICCIT relies on member companies partnering with their local schools and with ready-made resources, we are helping to facilitate this. Here are a few of quotes from a recent school visits:

“The kids loved getting their hands dirty and planting the sapling trees into the boxes with their fingers. The whole experience was very positive for them.”

“The children really loved having the chance to learn all about trees and how they grow and develop. They enjoyed learning all about how paper comes from trees and were amazed at how trees can produce cardboard boxes! They were so proud of their trees and it was lovely to see them all so excited about showing their trees to their families.”

“I have never seen them so engaged in something! A great learning experience for all involved.”

Feedback from the companies has also been very positive. The staff that have made the presentations found it very rewarding and straightforward to organise and run.

TICCIT has certainly caught the imagination of many people involved in the industry and is gaining a momentum of its own. At the IPG Annual meeting in Denmark in September this year all the members (over 20 people) were each given a young tree which was then planted in support of the TICCIT programme. Equally, there was a full page advertisement for TICCIT on the back of the latest edition of The Bulgarian Pulp and Paper Association’s quarterly magazine featuring some very snazzy five sided TICCIT planters! All at no cost to Pro Carton and actually without our prior knowledge!

The next few months is the ideal planting time so if you’re not currently involved please do so. It’s good for your company, your staff, your community and the planet!

For further information on TICCIT, please click here.