The impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented and our thoughts go out to all those that are directly affected by the virus.

One of the consequences of reduced movement of people has resulted in some positive effects on the environment – fish returning to the canals of Venice, air quality improving, less CO2 emissions, nitrogen dioxide levels dropping significantly in China and people reusing materials.

With many schools closed this is a great time to be teaching your children about our environment, the effect man has on it and the positive measures we can all take.  TICCIT can easily be adapted to be taught at home, it’s fun and everyone will learn something from it.  Teach them what you and they can be doing now that will have a long term beneficial environmental impact.

All the information you need can be downloaded including the programme guideline and a presentation (with notes) that you can use with your children.  At the end of each TICCIT lesson each child would normally plant a tree sapling in a carton but if you can’t get a sapling, and you’ve got access to a garden, why not try using a cutting from one of your own plants?

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