The 5Rs of Responsibility

On Global Recycling Day (18th March), we reflected on today’s packaging conundrum and the role that recycling plays in that. Pro Carton’s “5Rs of Responsibility” highlights the waste hierarchy so that consumers, brand owners, retailers, manufacturers and government have a clear view of where they can help to reduce the impact that waste is having on our environment.  But we concluded that we need to do more!

We need more impact than can be achieved with words and a simple infographic, we need to bring the concept to life, detailing practical actions that people can take and we need a mighty force to convey those messages … an animated force … of superheroes!  We need to call in our team of superheroes: The Carton Campaigners!

Once upon a time, there were the 3Rs of Recycling:  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Then Pro Carton updated the 3Rs by adding Replace and Renew to the mix.

Now the “5Rs of Responsibility” represents a guideline to enable society to take more responsibility for being environmentally-friendly, to reduce their levels of packaging waste and to move towards a truly circular economy.

The Carton Campaigners:

  • Ricki Recycle
  • Ryan Reuse
  • Ronnie Replace
  • Renee Renew
  • Rhianna Reduce

These 5 cartoon character superheroes illustrate the 5Rs of Responsibility and reflect the values of Pro Carton.  Their team mission statement is clear:


Help brands and consumers take responsibility for material recycling, product reuse, reduction of renewable resources, increase in use of sustainable materials use and waste reduction

They believe that if the right materials are chosen, packaging doesn’t harm our environment.  They know that 85% of paper and cartonboard packaging in Europe is already recycled and Ricki Recycle thinks that is something to shout about.

Ricki Recycle

Each Pro Carton superhero mascot has their own message to give and on Global Recycling Day 2020, Ricki Recycle launched this short video to help convey his mantra: ‘Boosting recycling rates – through an increase in the recyclability of packaging materials and improved recycling services for both consumers and businesses – is a solution!’  Watch Ricki’s solo video debut here:

Over the coming weeks and months, look out for the fun (yet serious) Pro Carton characters as they incorporate themselves into a number of Pro Carton’s initiatives, such as the TICCIT educational programme (Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees), our social media channels (Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube) and PR initiatives across Europe.

Which Carton Campaigner will take the limelight next with their own video diary?