Cartonboard Q&A with Horst Bittermann featured in Analyse: Deutschland

Horst Bittermann, President of the European Cartonboard Association, Pro Carton, took part in a short Q&A with Analyse: Deutschland where he discussed the sustainability of cartonboard compared with other packaging, as well as its 100% recyclability

Where are they now?

Pro Carton caught up with a few of the recent winners of the Young Designers award to find out what they are doing now.

The European Excellence Award – Best Ever!

The jury for the European Carton Excellence Award for outstanding cartonboard packaging solutions has now deliberated but they had a tough job in picking the winners. With a total of 122 entries to evaluate (the highest number for 10 years) selecting the winners was a very challenging task.

Nine questions to Horst Bittermann, President of Pro Carton

What do you expect for the cartonboard and carton industry in the coming year and beyond?

Retail trade, brands and packaging – the trends 2019

What do international trend agencies have to say about the coming year? Pro Carton has compiled the most important forecasts for the retail trade, brands and packaging.

The Circular Economy for Kids!

One of the great things about TICCIT is that it teaches children about the circular economy but without them even knowing it!

What does Pro Carton do?

Hopefully you are aware of the major activities that Pro Carton undertake as part of our task to promote the benefits of cartons and cartonboard but you may not be aware of some of the other activities that Pro Carton get involved in and we thought it might be interesting to share some of these with you.

Double Top – Interview with Marie Falk

Swedish designer Marie Falk was the first person to be a double winner of the Pro Carton Young Designer Awards. Her innovative packaging solution Save the Trip followed her winning entry in the 2017 annual competition.

Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs Update

We have been following developments on the Single Use Plastic legislation moving through the European Commission and how it might impact on the carton industry.

Sustainability – a concept from yesterday or for tomorrow?

At the Pro Carton/PROPAK Austria Marketing Event in October 2018, Fairtrade Managing Director Hartwig Kirner made it clear that the recycling economy of the future has already begun.

So what do shoppers really think?

The results of Pro Carton’s European Consumer Packaging Perceptions study were first previewed in the latest edition of the Pro Carton magazine and at the ECMA Congress back in September. The printed research report now has been published and is also available for download from our website. The research clearly showed the enormous importance that […]

Welcome to the New President

At the Pro Carton AGM on 8th June 2018 Roland Rex formally stood down as President of the association after eight years in the role and Horst Bittermann was duly elected as his replacement.