So what do shoppers really think?

The results of Pro Carton’s European Consumer Packaging Perceptions study were first previewed in the latest edition of the Pro Carton magazine and at the ECMA Congress back in September. The printed research report now has been published and is also available for download from our website. The research clearly showed the enormous importance that […]

Welcome to the New President

At the Pro Carton AGM on 8th June 2018 Roland Rex formally stood down as President of the association after eight years in the role and Horst Bittermann was duly elected as his replacement.

Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs

The European Commission have suggested that national contributions to the EU's trillion-euro budget should be based in part on the amount of plastic packaging waste they produce, while direct payments to environmental projects under the LIFE programme increase by 50%, said last month as it unveiled proposals for the bloc's post-2020 seven-year budget.

Award helps open doors!

Pro Carton caught up with Magdalena Witkowicz, twice a finalist in the Pro Carton Young Designers Award, who landed a plum job at an international design agency.

No Story. No Glory.

Advertising was yesterday, at least according to marketing guru and master story teller Markus Gull at the recent Pro Carton PROPAK Austria Marketing Event.

Pro Carton challenges draft EU plastics strategy

The European Commission has been working on a Plastics Strategy to tackle the problem of plastic waste in the seas and on the streets.

From the desk of the General Manager

Most of you will have seen on TV, or read about in the press, the problems that plastic packaging is causing, particular in polluting our oceans.

Inside the Jury

A new addition to the judging panel this year was Dr. Janet Shipton who is already very familiar with the Carton Excellence Award not as a judge but as an entrant from her time at Chesapeake/MPS.

From the Editor’s desk:

We’re trying to make the content of the newsletter different from the information that’s already on the website and more “chatty” in style, we do hope you find it interesting as well as informative. As you will have seen, we are supplementing the newsletter with various other short communications, either a Newsflash, if it’s something we need to get out to our members quickly, or a Bulletin, if it’s a more general update.

Update on Regulatory Affairs

Pro Carton focuses on two Regulatory Affairs topics: the Circular Economy legislative package and LCA environmental policy. Circular Economy Pro Carton is following the progress of the European Commission’s Circular Economy package of proposed legislation, in order to assess its potential impact on the carton industry. Pro Carton acts together with other paper based packaging associations in Brussels, in order to minimise any negative impact wherever possi

Cartons Don’t Create Plastic Packaging Waste

More than 300 million tonnes of plastic is manufactured every year¹ of which millions of tonnes of plastic waste leaks into the seas. We’ve all seen images from around the world of beaches covered with discarded plastic packaging. McKinsey’s Ocean Report² states that the next 10 years will be critical to tackle the global problem of plastic leakage into the seas, but plastic goods production is still increasing and displacing more sustainable materials, such as renewable wood fibre based products including cartons.

Keep it simple!

Everyone who has ever tried to simply design something, knows how difficult this can be. In his new book on packaging design, “Who Sells What to Whom“, Lars Wallentin - top-designer at Nestlé for many years - shares his tips on how to do it. Pro Carton interviewed him.