Commentary from the new General Manager

One of the key roles of Pro Carton is to promote the benefits of cartons & cartonboard and we could hardly have better environmental credentials. I believe however that we need to be more outspoken in communicating our message to all our key target markets. Last year we started a new PR campaign in Germany based around the principle “Cartons don’t create plastic waste” which gained a lot of media coverage. It’s this sort of slightly more provocative message that I believe we need to get across. I remember hearing John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State, making a video speech last year along the same lines, he said “We need your help. As consumers we should purchase goods in recycled (recyclable) packaging and reduce the amount of plastic we use in our overall carbon footprint”. Whilst plastic has its place in modern day society I believe that it should never be used for packaging when a more sustainable material, such as cartonboard, can be used instead. Talking of which did you see the article in The Times (UK) newspaper last month? The headline was simply “I’ve seen the future and it’s filled with boxes” and whilst it was mainly about corrugated it made a strong case, in general, for “cardboard boxes”, as the writer referred to them; she even went so far as to say “if I had my time again I would seek a career in product design, specialising in packaging”! She’s not a bad judge. Cartons – packaging for a better world. TONY HITCHIN General Manager, Pro Carton