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Smart does it

Peter Aldous is Creative Service Director at Elmwood in London. Pro Carton talked to him about trends in packaging and sustainability.

Marketing high in the skies

New catering and retailing concepts in the skies require new marketing concepts.

New Pro Carton Carbon Footprint: 885 kg CO2 eq / tonne

Based on Life Cycle data from 2014, Pro Carton has calculated that the industry’s Carbon Footprint figure is 885 kg CO2 eq / tonne of cartons.

“No more plastic!”

In response to the question, "Sustainability yes, but how?!", Martina Hörmer, Managing Director Private Labels, REWE International, gave a clear answer.

Packaging provides billions of effective advertising contacts

The Touchpoint study demonstrates the high contact frequency of packaging and proves its value for marketing in figures.

10 Top Trends of 2016: The Internet World of Packaging

The world is one big shopping centre. POS is everywhere. Pro Carton has looked at the 10 most important international trends.

The future belongs to cartonboard

"It is generally acknowledged that cartonboard is the most sustainable type of packaging. We have intensified our efforts to expound on this advantage." Roland Rex, President von Pro Carton, summarises the situation and takes a look at the future.

“In reality, our real customers are the consumers.”

Lothar Böhm is one of the world's leading brand consultants. Pro Carton visited him in his agency in Hamburg.

The Online Extremist

Pro Carton has followed the developments in e-commerce from the beginning and taken a closer look at the strategy of the world's most innovative retailer in the foods business.

Pharma in motion

There is a huge demand for health care, and it’s growing rapidly. Nonetheless, the pharmaceutical industry is facing major challenges.

The retail trade wants cartons

Multi-channel is changing retail structures – and this also affects packaging. As a consequence, Pro Carton commissioned the EHI Retail Institute to conduct the following study.

The world’s most successful triangle

The Toblerone triangle is probably the closest and most successful symbiosis ever between a product and its packaging.