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Trends 2015: sustainability and individuality

Every year Pro Carton compiles the most important trends of leading institutes for research into the future in terms of packaging.

The Multichannel Challenge

All speakers at the ECMA Pro Carton Congress agreed in unison: every partner in the Packaging Supply Chain needs to work together quickly and intensively to jointly drive this development.

Re-imagining business

"We don't just have to get better, we need to be really good“, said Tim "Mac“ Macartney at the ECMA Pro Carton Congress: only one hundred per cent sustainability in all areas will change the future.

Global Food Trends

As part of a world tour "World Tour by SIAL“ by the French Food Fair SIAL, 28 media from across the globe have determined three food trends in their regions. From these, the French retail expert, Olivier Dauvers, has distilled eight global trends for innovation in the food sector. Pro Carton is privileged to present them here.

Interpack: Full House

The mood was excellent at this year's Interpack in Düsseldorf from 8. to 14. May which set a new record with 175,000 visitors. The award-winning packs of the Pro Carton ECMA Awards were the eyecatchers at the joint Pro Carton stand.

2014: Major challenges and great expectations

With the Interpack due from 8. to 14. May in Düsseldorf we asked Pro Carton President Roland Rex about the current situation in packaging. His summary: this year and the coming years the Packaging Supply Chain will face major challenges, and they will be accompanied by considerable opportunities for cartonboard and cartons.

Retail revolution

In the coming years nothing will remain the same for the online business, particularly in the grocery sector. The UK market – which has led the market in Europe for a long time – is presently looking to find the perfect combination online and stationary. 2014 will be a crucial year in deciding who will come out ahead in future years. Pro Carton spoke to Lisa Byfield-Green, Senior Analyst at the renowned Institute of Grocery Distribution, about the future and about packaging.

Say it with a carton

How will chocolate present itself in future?
Whereas the European market for industrially manufactured chocolate largely appears saturated, the industry forecasts growing sales numbers from exports as well through new challenges in the high quality segment. In Europe it is only the premium end of the market that offers realistic growth opportunities – by and large with appropriate carton packaging.

Trend 2014: A Good Feeling

People want to feel better in 2014. Two topics will have a major influence on the market for packaging: sustainability is one and includes the manufacturing of products, the other is the revolution in the retail trade due to the continued boom in mobile technology. Pro Carton has summarised the current forecasts of international trend agencies and added its own comments.

Revolution in the retail trade

At the Pro Carton Marketing Event in October 2013 in Vienna, Georg Wiedenhofer, Managing Director of the Gallup Institute, presented a brand new international study on the development of E-commerce, and Willy Zwerger, a renowned journalist and retail expert, discussed developments relating to international trade. This was followed by a high-level discussion round with the audience with the conclusion: the entire supply chain needs to take action.

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The slower you move, the faster you die!

This was how David Bosshart, head of the renowned Duttweiler Institute, introduced his presentation at the "25 Years Pro Carton“ event at the ECMA Congress in September in Dubrovnik. He painted a most enlightening scenario of current behaviour patterns and future desires. Pro Carton asked him how this relates to packaging.

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Packaging in a digital age

In a study conducted on behalf of Pro Carton last year, the market research agency Pointlogic showed that packages are a medium, like newspapers, radio or TV. Now, the study has been evaluated once again, in particular with regard to digital natives and impulse buyers. The result: even the „Digital Natives“ place major value on packaging, and they focus more on brands and talk about products more.

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