Creativity wherever you look: Award ceremony of the 16. Pro Carton/ECMA Award

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24th September 2012 /  

Creativity wherever you look:
Award ceremony of the
16. Pro Carton/ECMA Award

The annual Pro Carton/ECMA Award is one of the most distinguished awards in its category, and is now in its 16th year. The award honours packaging which has proven itself on the market. For the first time, the competition was open to all partners of the supply chain: cartonboard and carton manufacturers, designers, brand owners and the retail trade. The awards were presented on 20. September 2012 at the ECMA Congress in Copenhagen. The Carton of the Year award went to the champagne packaging Taittinger Rose Lens by Van Genechten.

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The award winners of the different categories were the morning highlight of the first day of the congress, followed in the evening with the presentation of the three Special Awards against the magnificent backdrop of the new Copenhagen Opera. All prizes were presented by Roland Rex, President Pro Carton, and Dr. Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA.


Carton of the Year was awarded to a packaging by Van Genechten, the most successful award winner in the history of the Pro Carton/ECMA Awards, who for the first time won the Carton of the Year award. Brand owner Champagne Taittinger had opted for the 3D bubble effect as it was brand new. The result conveys fruitiness, “delicatesse” and the bubbling charm of the Rosé Champagne in a most elegant manner. A true eye-catcher on the shelf, the pearly bubbles provide that “First Moment of Truth” (FMOT) and support the aura of the champagne. The jury was enthusiastic: “The amazing quality and the tremendous impact at the Point of Sale were the main reasons for deciding to make this carton the Carton of the Year. The “bubbles“ are printed as if they were really convex. It is only when touching them that you notice that they are absolutely flat in reality.”


The most innovative carton solution came from Italian carton manufacturer Boxmarche. The intention: to create a carton for heating small snacks on an aircraft. The trick: prior to heating, the two specially designed areas on the sides are pressed inwards using the thumbs to avoid overpressure
in the oven. After heating, only the centre strip needs to be torn open which divides the box into two halves. This allows one to eat a hot sandwich without burning or soiling.


The award for sustainability was an absolute premiere. Award winner Rewe International was the first retailer to enter the competition: with Green Packaging for “Ja! Natürlich”. Martina Hörmer, managing director trade brands, was presented with the Pro Carton/ECMA Award. The packaging differed completely from that of the competitors, not only in design but especially in terms of the material used. “Ja! Natürlich” is clearly committed to the raw material wood fibre. By 2015 up to 70 tonnes of plastics will have been saved for fruits and vegetables – blueberry packaging alone saved 3 tonnes in 2011.


By being open to entries from all partners in the supply chain, the Pro Carton/ECMA Award set important new standards. Three entries from this expanded circle of entries reached the finals at their first attempt, with one of them ending up as a major award winner. Overall, the ideas presented this year were extremely multi-faceted: the innovations spanned printing, carton structure, sustainability and convenience.



PS We had invited all to name their personal favourite of all finalists before the Award celebration: here are the winners, who had been drawn from all entries: Natan Guitart (Panapel), Waltraud Weiss (Mars) and Arnold Steinbrecher (Steinbrecher Marketing-Sales-ECR). They will each receive the “Carton of the Year” – with contents. Cheers!


We already look forward to the entries for the coming year: as always, invitations for entry will be available at the end of February 2013 on the website, the final date for entry will be early June 2013. The Pro Carton/ECMA Awards will be presented at the ECMA Congress from 18.–20. September 2013 in Dubrovnik.






Taittinger Rose Lens

Sparkling packaging


Termo Astuccio “Frusta Sorrentina”:

Hot, hot, hot


Green Packaging bei Ja! Natürlich:

It had to be cartonboard


Beiersdorf mini essentials:

Small gift, big results


Coeur de cognac:

At the core of packaging


tic tac Fan-Rassel:

The sound of packaging



Where less is more


Ben & Jerry’s ‘Wich:
The well-organised deep freezer


Cupholder Müsli & Yoghurt:

Handy and fresh


Folding box with measuring device:

Sustainability in high doses


Bacofoil Classic 30 cm:

Cartonboard in perfections



Extensive information with case studies of the winners and print-ready photos are available at
Printed brochures in English are available from Pro Carton via Suzanne E. McEwen,
Invitation for entries for the new Pro Carton/ECMA Award 2013 will commence February 2013, final date for entries will be early June 2013.

Carton of the YearCarton of the Year

Carton of the Year: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Rikard Papp (Iggesund Paperboard), Lorenzo Delorenzi (Van Genechten Angouleme), Clemens Stockinger (MM Board & Paper), Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA).

Taittinger Rose Lens


Most InnovativeMost Innovative

Most Innovative Carton: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Michael Eriksson (Stora Enso), Tonino Dominici (Boxmarche), Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA).

Termo Astuccio “Frusta Sorrentina”




Sustainability: Roland Rex (President Pro Carton), Manfred Girschik (Druckerei Ratt), Michael Eriksson (Stora Enso), Barbara Sattler, Martina Hörmer, (Ja! Natürlich, REWE Group), Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA).
Green Packaging bei Ja! Natürlich.


Beauty & CosmeticsBeauty & Cosmetics

Beauty & Cosmetics: Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Mark Rooney (Clondalkin Pharma & Healtchcare UK), Rikard Papp (Iggesund Paperboard), Roland Rex (President Pro Carton).
Beiersdorf mini essentials



Beverages: Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Sven Hjelmstedt (Korsnäs), Oystein Aksnes (Stora Enso), Lorenzo Delorenzi (Van Genechten Angouleme), Roland Rex (President Pro Carton).
Coeur de cognac




Confectionery: Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Oystein Aksnes (Stora Enso), Claus Egegard (STI Group), Roland Rex (President Pro Carton).
tic tac Fan-Rassel




Pharmaceuticals: Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Christian Schiffers, FFI (für Carl Edelmann), Roland Rex (President Pro Carton).



Shelf ready & display packagingShelf ready & display packaging

Shelf Ready & Display Packaging: Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Sven Hjelmstedt (Korsnäs), Jan-Arend Luten (Contego Packaging), Roland Rex (President Pro Carton).
Ben & Jerry’s ‘Wich


All other foodAll other food

All other food: Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Gerhard Brecka (Mayr-Melnhof Karton), Thomas Eicker, Heinz Eicker, Hermann-Josef Schmitz (WS Quack&Fischer), Roland Rex (President Pro Carton).
Cupholder Müsli & Yoghurt



All other non foodAll other non food

All other non food: Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Christian Schiffers, FFI (für Karl Knauer), Roland Rex (President Pro Carton).
Folding box with measuring device


Volume marketVolume market

Volume market: Andreas Blaschke (President ECMA), Alberto Luca (Lucaprint), Stephane Thiollier (Reno di Medici), Riccardo Mutolo (Lucaprint), Roland Rex (President Pro Carton).
Bacofoil Classic 30 cm


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