Pro Carton’s Museum of Brands exhibition re-opens

The winners of Pro Carton and ECMA’s European Carton Excellence Awards 2020 are now back on display at the Museum of Brands after the exhibition was cut short due to the national lockdowns.  Extended for a further three months, visitors to the museum will be able to view the collection of 21 innovatively designed cartons, including the winners of the Save the Planet Award, the Innovation Award and Van Genechten Packaging’s Roku Gin pack which won Carton of the Year. For the first time, visitors will be able to take home a free copy of the 2020 awards brochure which gives more details on each exhibit as well as the first ever virtual Carton E-vent & Awards ceremony which took place on 7 October 2020. Pro Carton has a number of complimentary tickets to visit the exhibition in London.  Please contact for further details.