Re-Fruiter Tray

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Re-Fruiter Tray
Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Van Herk Fruit Structural Designer: Anderling BV
Graphic Designer:
Anderling BV
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Tender fruits

Strawberries and other soft fruits are sensitive and require special care during packaging and transport. They are often packed in plastic trays with bubble wrap for extra protection, which makes recycling of the materials more difficult. The Re-Fruiter Tray is made of recycled cartonboard and designed for recycling; the innovation lies in its grid-like tray. It has a special (patented) die-cut profile with a pattern of angled elements that are joined together to form a flexible surface. This keeps the contents in good condition, which supports sales, because the decision to buy is largely determined by the visual impression. The tray can be produced with or without a cover. The lid also has a grid pattern so that the contents remain visible without plastic windows. The material is 100% food safe and moisture resistant.

Jury comments

It’s the simplicity of the Re-Fruiter tray that caught the attention of the judges. The presentation of the carton suggested naturalness. The construction of the back created ‘feet’ in each corner that slightly raised the pack. However, adding several cuts to the base of the tray allows it to flex when the fruit is added, thereby reducing damage to the fruit.