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Eco Fit Lid

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Eco Fit Lid
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Structural Designer:
Seda International Packaging Group
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
"Hot stuff"

The Eco Fit lid is an innovative and yet cost-effective cartonboard lid for cold and hot beverages that replaces the previous plastic lids. It is the perfect combination of a sustainable material and new cartonboard manufacturing technology. It is fully recyclable and can be compostable upon request. The premium appearance is unique; the possibility of printing and branding the lid – which was not the case with the plastic lid – revolutionises the attractiveness at the point of sale. A wide variety of shapes and cross-sections of the drink hole are possible. The lid closes securely and tightly with an audible snap, thus providing a comfortable and safe drinking experience.

Jury comments

This is one of those ‘why didn’t we think of this sooner’ items. To replace the plastic lid of a soft drink’s cup generally available in fast food outlets, with a well-engineered and considered carton lid that not only serves the purpose but also allows for the printing of branding or promotional messages.