Myths & Facts

The carton industry has a great environmental story to tell. Cartons are made from a renewable resource, are compostable and easily recyclable. But environmental issues related to packaging are a source of misconceptions or “myths”. Pro Carton have produced a series of nine Infographics which aim to debunk the myths surrounding paper packaging and cartons and confront them with the facts. Each of the Infographics covers a different popular myth about packaging which is countered with facts which illustrate the sustainability of cartons. Here are two examples which can be downloaded:

Cartons Are Fit For Purpose

We often hear people complain that everything is packed in too much packaging. But one of packaging’s key roles is to protect goods and to ensure that they travel from the manufacturer to the home in perfect condition. Well-designed packaging meets this and other important requirements, while minimising environmental impacts of both the product and its package.   PC-Virgin Fibre

Cartons’ Modern Design and Production

Because paper and board packaging has been around for over a hundred years, some might think that it is in some way old fashioned. This could not be further from the truth as is shown by modern day carton manufacture. Cartons Modern Design & Production The complete set of nine Infographics can be downloaded from the Sustainability section of the Pro Carton website. Each can be downloaded individually or scroll to the end to find a link to download all nine. Spread the word, Cartons are the most sustainable form of packaging and cartons don’t create plastic waste! For more information: TONY HITCHIN General Manager, Pro Carton