52 companies to co-operate to replace plastics with natural fibres

Materials based on natural fibres are an interesting alternative to replace fossil-derived plastics. The Piloting Alternatives for Plastics project brings together a wide range of Finnish and international companies to take materials developed in laboratories towards more industrial production.

Teaching TICCIT at Home

TICCIT can easily be adapted to be taught at home, it’s fun and everyone will learn something from it.

The Carton Campaigners to the rescue!

The Carton Campaigners are our team of superheroes who want to help to reduce the impact that waste is having on our environment.

Ricki Recycle launch on Global Recycling Day

Ricki Recycle, one of the five Carton Campaigners, has launched a campaign to encourage recycling. You can watch him taking on the Waste Monster as part of Global Recycling Day.

The Green Shoots of 4Evergreen

As many people in the carton industry will know, a new alliance was formed at the back end of last year called 4Evergreen to boost the contribution of fibre-based packaging in the circular economy.

UK announce new coated board guidelines

Following months of discussion, OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label), the body responsible for the use of recycling symbols in the UK, have published new guidelines which include coated cartonboard.

ECMA Annual Congress 2020 will be held in Krakow, Poland

The ECMA Annual Congress will be held in Krakow, Poland on 17th and 18th September 2020 with the theme of “Sustainability Unboxed".

Pro Carton wins European Award

Pro Carton’s TICCIT initiative has won the 2019 European Paper Recycling Award (EPRC) for Information and Education.

Excellent Carbon Footprint result

The recently published Pro Carton Carbon Footprint for Carton Packaging report demonstrated that the carton industry is not only reducing its CO2 emissions but, in declaring a very low carbon footprint of 326kg CO2 per tonne of converted cartons, that its environmental impact is much less than most other packaging materials.

From the desk of the General Manager

It’s certainly interesting times to be working in the packaging industry. The carton industry is slowly benefitting from a gradual move away from some plastics.

Print & Paper: Myths & Facts

Two Sides have updated their Print & Paper; Myths & Facts report about the European Paper Industry.

Cartonboard fibres are fully recyclable

There is a growing expectation from consumers, brands and retailers that the packaging they use will be truly recycled, in order to reduce its impact on the environment. Producers of cartonboard packaging are committed to delivering on this expectation. Cartonboard fibres are fully recyclable, that is without question.

TICCIT In Action

The TICCIT educational programme has now been presented to a number of schools and groups across Europe.  The success of TICCIT relies on member companies partnering with their local schools. We invite you to take a look at TICCIT In Action

Sustainability - a concept from yesterday or for tomorrow?

At the Pro Carton/PROPAK Austria Marketing Event in October 2018, Fairtrade Managing Director Hartwig Kirner made it clear that the recycling economy of the future has already begun.

Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs Update

We have been following developments on the Single Use Plastic legislation moving through the European Commission and how it might impact on the carton industry.

Just the Ticket!

Pro Carton is excited to launch its latest initiative and to invite you all to participate in this rewarding opportunity. TICCIT is an educational outreach programme aimed mainly at children aged between 8-11 years that is all about trees, sustainability and the environment.

Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs

The European Commission have suggested that national contributions to the EU's trillion-euro budget should be based in part on the amount of plastic packaging waste they produce, while direct payments to environmental projects under the LIFE programme increase by 50%, said last month as it unveiled proposals for the bloc's post-2020 seven-year budget.

EU governments approve new rules on waste

EU ambassadors have given their support to the provisional agreement reached between the Estonian presidency and the European Parliament last December on new waste rules.

Pro Carton challenges draft EU plastics strategy

The European Commission has been working on a Plastics Strategy to tackle the problem of plastic waste in the seas and on the streets.

Cartons Don’t Create Plastic Packaging Waste

More than 300 million tonnes of plastic is manufactured every year¹ of which millions of tonnes of plastic waste leaks into the seas. We’ve all seen images from around the world of beaches covered with discarded plastic packaging. McKinsey’s Ocean Report² states that the next 10 years will be critical to tackle the global problem of plastic leakage into the seas, but plastic goods production is still increasing and displacing more sustainable materials, such as renewable wood fibre based products including cartons.

Update on Regulatory Affairs

Pro Carton focuses on two Regulatory Affairs topics: the Circular Economy legislative package and LCA environmental policy.

Circular Economy

Pro Carton is following the progress of the European Commission’s Circular Economy package of proposed legislation, in order to assess its potential impact on the carton industry. Pro Carton acts together with other paper based packaging associations in Brussels, in order to minimise any negative impact wherever possi

Myths & Facts

The carton industry has a great environmental story to tell. But environmental issues related to packaging are a source of misconceptions or “myths”.

Sustainability drives sales

Sustainability generates up to 13 per cent of sales in terms of explanatory content. This is confirmed by a new study conducted by Serviceplan Corporate Reputation communication agency.

New Pro Carton Carbon Footprint: 885 kg CO2 eq / tonne

Based on Life Cycle data from 2014, Pro Carton has calculated that the industry’s Carbon Footprint figure is 885 kg CO2 eq / tonne of cartons.