Finalists: Pro Carton ECMA and Young Designers Award

The Pro Carton ECMA Award is widely supported: in 2014, more companies participated than ever before, and at 120 entries, this is the second highest number of entries in the history of the competition. The award ceremony for both Awards is a premiere this year: the winners will receive their awards at the first joint congress of ECMA and Pro Carton in festive surroundings – on 18th September at the Award Gala in Sorrento (Italy). The professional work of the judges, covering all aspects of the supply chain, remains a solid foundation of the Awards: Satkar Gidda (chairman of the jury) on behalf of design, Stan Akkermans (Mars) and Martin Luh (Nestlé) for the brands, Marco Atzberger (EHI Retail Institute) from the perspective of the retail trade, and our special advisor of the jury Peter Klein Sprokkelhorst, as always, focused on the technical intricacies of the entered concepts. Geert Verlinden, a specialist in the field of innovation at one of Europe's leading packaging converters, Van Genechten - joined the jury for the Pro Carton Young Designers Award. The jury was delighted by the high number of excellent (and successful!) solutions. The participants had placed great value on providing coherent overall concepts for products, packaging and marketing. New approaches were apparent in terms of handling: more and more packaging is being filled in-store and this needs to be addressed. Portioning and presentation of the contents are adapted to the consumer situation ("ToGo", gift, tasting with friends …). PRO CARTON ECMA AWARD Here is an overview of the finalists in the eight main categories from which the category winners as well as the "Carton of the Year" and the "Most Innovative" and "Sustainability" awards will be selected. You can find images and brief information on all finalists at as well as Beauty & Cosmetics Fragrance with glamour: Daniela Katzenberger Glitter Cat In touch with nature: Cosmetic Line Anne Geddes Pure dynamics: Fernanda Brandao Refined elegance: Pleats Please L’Élixir Three for the heart: Valentine Giftbox – Nivea Crème, Limited Edition Beverages Italian flair: Gondola Shopper Strong finish: Grappa Nonino Monovitigno® I Vigneti Unbeatable harmony: Jim Beam Honey Promotional Packaging Luxury with style: Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Confectionery Jack of all trades: Multiflex Young and entertaining: Arko Treasure Chest The "wow" factor: Lindt Giant Carrot Exclusive variety: The Origin Box Noblesse oblige: Confiserie Reber Advent Calendar with innovative Carton-Inlay Pharmaceutical Smart design: Artelac Splash Dispenser (Display) Premium says it all: Mepilex Patch Envelope Where less is more: Sliding tray box Shelf Ready & Display Profitable customer loyalty: Adventskalender Thermometer Strong impulse: Peppersmith Clipstrip Food Ingenious structure: Angry Birds Collection Christmas special: Display case of La Fageda jams Perfect function: eggbox Doppel-4er Alnatura/eggbox Doppel-6er Sylter Freilandeier Ice cream with charm: Gelato Box Non-Food Bespoke eyecatcher: Gift box Heinemann -M- Perfect craftsmanship: New packaging for hearing products Practical presentation: Steinel Cristal Refill Sticks Optimal use: VIVA Bottle-Hänger Volume Market Attractive appearance: After Eight Selection Convenient beauty: Combi Pack Box Perfect function: eggbox 10's Hofer Goldland/ Freiland Exemplary simplicity: Packaging solution for 15 fish fingers [gallery link="file" ids="|Beauty & Cosmetics: Daniela Katzenberger Glitter Cat ,|Beauty & Cosmetics: Cosmetic Line Anne Geddes,|Beauty & Cosmetics: Fernanda Brandao,|Beauty & Cosmetics: Pleats Please L’Élixir,|Beauty & Cosmetics: Valentine Giftbox – Nivea Crème, Limited Edition,|Beverages: Gondola Shopper,|Beverages: Grappa Nonino Monovitigno® I Vigneti,|Beverages: Jim Beam Honey Promotional Packaging,|Beverages: Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve,|Confectionery: Multiflex,|Confectionery: Arko Treasure Chest,|Confectionery: Lindt Giant Carrot ,|Confectionery: The Origin Box,|Confectionery: Confiserie Reber Advent Calendar with innovative Carton-Inlay,|Pharma: Artelac Splash Dispenser (Display),|Pharma: Mepilex Patch Envelope,|Pharma: Sliding tray box,|Shelf Ready: Adventskalender Thermometer,|Shelf Ready: Peppersmith Clipstrip,|Food: Angry Birds Collection,|Food: Display case of La Fageda jams,|Food: eggbox Doppel-4er Alnatura/eggbox Doppel-6er Sylter Freilandeier,|Food: Gelato Box,|Non-Food: Gift box Heinemann -M-,|Non-Food: New packaging for hearing products,|Non-Food:Steinel Cristal Refill Sticks,|Non-Food: VIVA Bottle-Hänger,|Volume Market: After Eight Selection,|Volume Market: Combi Pack Box,|Volume Market: eggbox 10er Hofer Goldland/Freiland,|Volume Market: Packaging Solution for 15 Fish Fingers"] PRO CARTON YOUNG DESIGNERS AWARD Druck The International Pro Carton Design Award honours new, as yet not realised ideas in cartonboard applications from across Europe and the competition is open to students. The objective of the competition is to discover as yet unrealised cartonboard solutions and design ideas and to present these to the public. Apple & Juice: Alisa Feldhofer "Mime": Kalina Hristova, Simon Kallus, Roman Plaßmann, Simon Zimpfer Save a bug: Marie-Sophie Fischer The Penguin: Magdalena Witkowicz The Scroll: Miriam Derler Winebadge: Reinhart Glöckl [gallery link="file" ids="|Apple & Juice: Alisa Feldhofer,|"Mime": Kalina Hristova, Simon Kallus, Roman Plaßmann, Simon Zimpfer,|Save a bug: Marie-Sophie Fischer,|The Penguin: Magdalena Witkowicz,|The Scroll: Miriam Derler,|Winebadge: Reinhart Glöckl"] Tell us your personal favourites of the Pro Carton ECMA Award: an E-mail to is all that is required. Three winner cartons with contents will be drawn among all those who tipped a winner! After 18. September the finalists and award winners will be documented on the website of the Pro Carton/ECMA Awards ( with short videos of the jury's deliberations for each category and with print-ready images and the judges' comments and the success stories.