Gelato Box

Name of Entry:
Gelato Box
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Stora Enso, Cartularia
Ice cream with charm

Initially Aloha wanted a wicker basket and was of the opinion that a cartonboard solution was impossible. However, wicker baskets are expensive and Pringraf was able to convince the customer otherwise. The objective remained the same – a packaging which perfectly represents the product and remains useful right to the end: when the product is on the table and being consumed.
The new packaging differs from others mainly through its look and feel. The original shape was kept and the wicker structure was created through a lasered surface. This resulted in a more ecologically sustainable and less expensive concept. The shape and decoration on both sides of the carton convey a feeling of an exclusive and natural product.
The time to market was only three months! And the customer achieved his objective: sales were increased. The new carton helped to attract consumers who were looking for a high quality product or an original present for a dinner party. Not only were the sales targets reached, market presence was also increased significantly.

Jury comments

The judges agreed that this was an excellent way to pack ice cream snacks. The carton was made with a matt finish using the reverse side of the cartonboard on the outside and the white top surface of the board on the inside. Through some very clever micro cutting it was possible to see the contents, giving the carton an attractive look and feel. Opening and reclosing was simple and when opened the carton flaps spread so that the contents could be easily seen and selected. As one judge remarked “I just cannot stop playing with it – it is excellent”.


Angry Birds Collection

Name of Entry: Angry Birds Collection
Entrant: Carton Converter: A&R Carton Oy
Brand Owner: Fazer Confectionary and Rovio
Structural Designer: Susanna Sotka
Graphic Designer: Rovio Ltd and Fazer Oy
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä Board
Ingenious structure
Fazer wanted some new packaging concepts for "Angry Birds" - something really special, and it had to be quick. Following a stroke of genius, the structural designer started with the fine tuning: more than ten different openings were discussed and discarded until they found the final solution. The construction of the base proved a challenge as the excellent design had to be implemented in a way to allow for efficient filling. The speed was amazing: the first cartons left production after little more than two months!

Display case of La Fageda jams

Name of Entry: Display case of La Fageda jams
Entrant: Carton Converter: Alzamora Packaging SA
Brand Owner: La Fageda
Structural Designer: Alzamora Packaging SA
Graphic Designer: Gelis Dissenyadors
Cartonboard Manufacturer: MeadWestvaco
Christmas special
The original idea was to create the silhouette of a Christmas tree using two symmetrically arranged triangles. Each of the two cartons can also be purchased separately. One contains sweet jams, the other one relish to accompany fish or meats. The greatest challenge during development was to get the elaborate presentation packaging, which has to perfectly present the glass container as well as protecting it, machine ready. Using environmentally friendly cartonboard, the result was a brilliant and very successful solution!

eggbox Doppel-4er Alnatura/eggbox Doppel-6er Sylter Freilandeier

Name of Entry: eggbox Doppel-4er Alnatura/eggbox Doppel-6er Sylter Freilandeier
Entrant: Structural Designer: eggbox GmbH
Carton Converter: Cartonic Packaging Group GmbH & Co. KG
Brand Owner: Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH/Eier Petersen e.K.
Graphic Designer: Alnatura/P.R.-Verlag Sylt
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Careo and Papierfabrik Adolf Jass
Perfect function
The structural stability of the double-4 and double-6 egg boxes gives a very high level of protection. The easy-to-open lid allows the consumer easy checking of the contents. The printable exterior offers a large area for information compared with conventional egg cartons. The eggbox attracts attention and offers extremely high brand recognition.