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Press Briefing: ‘Circular Choices for a European Bioeconomy’ campaign

'Circular Choices for a European Bioeconomy' campaign aims to raise awareness of what larger value chains can do to address critical environmental challenges.

PPWR will increase plastic packaging waste by “up to 1500%” for takeaway, finds McDonald’s study

A shift to reusable packaging, as proposed in the EU’s upcoming revisions to the packaging and packaging waste directive (PPWD), could have adverse effects on the economy, food safety and the environment ...

Latest news and updates from 4evergreen for Pro Carton members and stakeholders.

The latest information and updates about 4evergreen activity and collateral that is available for Pro Carton members and stakeholders.

Pro Carton marks International Women’s Day 2023 with new interview series

Pro Carton marks International Women’s Day 2023 with a new interview series with female leaders in the cartonboard industry.

Love your partner and the planet this Valentine’s Day

Consider your environmental footprint this Valentine’s Day and look for products wrapped in cartonboard packaging – love the planet and your partner!

Packaging of the future now on display in London

The winners of the 2022 Pro Carton European Carton Excellence Award (ECEA) are now on display at the Museum of Brands, London, UK.

“A Tool Box to Perfect the Circularity of Fibre-Based Packaging” – from 4evergreen

Register now for the latest Info Session from 4evergreen: "A Tool Box to Perfect the Circularity of Fibre-Based Packaging"

A collaboration between the paper industry & heat pump producers could halve its energy needs & help decarbonise the sector

A recent collaboration between associations representing the paper manufacturing and heat pump sectors, Cepi and EHPA, has resulted in innovation which could produce energy savings of 50% in paper manufacturing.

Pro Carton Consumer Research: Circularity will only work with the trust and belief of the consumer!

Winfried Muehling comments on the latest Consumer research study from Pro Carton

The EuroPack Summit 2023 – a must attend event for packaging heads in Europe – returns!

Pro Carton is delighted to once again be represented at EuroPack Summit in Montreux from 13-14 March 2023.

Cepinar: Responsible products start with a #GreenSource: Current developments of the forest-based sector

Cepinar date to mark in your Calendar: Responsible products start with a #GreenSource - 2 March 2023

Welcome EOS to the #GreenSource family!

The European Sawmill Industry Organisation (EOS) is thrilled to announce its involvement in the #GreenSource campaign.