Ishita Arora, a talented Product Design student studying at Nottingham Trent University, embarked on a transformative journey in the world of packaging. Her success started with winning the prestigious 2022 UK Pro Carton Young Designers Award, positioning her as the perfect candidate to begin a placement with the world’s leading fibre-based consumer packaging company  – Graphic Packaging International.

Growing up in India, where she describes her culture as vast, loud, and captivating, Ishita was used to practices such as reusing single-use plastic bags, which in turn made her even more dedicated to promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Her passion for sustainability shaped her identity as a designer, driven by the belief that design  – specifically, packaging design  – should be accessible to all.

Having studied in the USA, UK, and India, Ishita’s diverse educational background and passion for creativity inspired her to start her own small art business during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, experimenting with traditional Indian art forms like the intricate embroidery style, chikankari, as well as contemporary activities such as photography and model making.

Further bolstering her love for the arts, Ishita started an undergraduate Product Design programme in September 2021 at Nottingham Trent University. It was during her first year that Ishita made a mark by entering the Pro Carton Young Designers Award. Her keen eye for market niches led her to redesign a cartonboard menstrual pad packaging design for the renowned brand Always, highlighting its sustainable and inclusive credentials. Ishita’s aim was to create an environmentally friendly packaging solution for what is an essential healthcare product for women. The cartonboard pack gives the outer packaging box a second life as it turns it into a stand once opened. Additionally, the size and shape of the box organises the product inside, making it easy to store.

Ishita was crowned winner of the 2022 UK Pro Carton Young Designers Award for her design, presented at the BPIF Cartons Summer Event by Jon Clark, General Manager, BPIF Cartons, the UK National Association of the carton and cartonboard industry. Her success and understanding of end-to-end design processes prompted her to search for placement opportunities in the packaging industry, which is what led to her earning a role at Graphic Packaging International, a Pro Carton member and leading provider of fibre-based consumer packaging solutions, including folding cartons, cups, foodservice packaging.

Looking ahead, Ishita envisions a future where she collaborates with likeminded companies that share her values. The Pro Carton Young Designers Award shone a light on Ishita’s creativity, and now the packaging industry has become a foundation for her aspirations. With the Pro Carton Young Designers Award demonstrating the bright world of packaging to the next generation, Ishita proved that there are endless opportunities to make a meaningful impact as a young designer entering the packaging industry. Welcome to the colourful world of cartonboard and folding cartons.

Jon Clark, General Manager, BPIF Cartons commented, “We believe providing a platform to celebrate and recognise young creative minds with the UK Pro Carton Young Designers Award and to place them in front of our members is so valuable to continue the success of our industry. And Ishita is the perfect example of how connecting the current and next generation of packaging designers hosts many mutual benefits, all to further promote the sustainability of cartonboard.”

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