FFI publishes fact sheet on compostability of folding cartons

FFI has produced a Fact Sheet entitled "Biodegradability and compostability of folding cartons" as a general information service.

2022 packaging trends

What do international trend agencies say about the year 2022? Pro Carton has compiled the most important forecasts for retail, brands and packaging.

Pro Carton features in Pap’ Argus 386 Magazine

'Think about recyclability when designing your packaging' says Winfried Muehling.

Neue FFI Blitzumfrage: Kunden sollten Bedarfe an Faltschachteln zukünftig realistischer planen

New FFI flash survey: Customers should plan folding carton requirements more realistically in the future

Fibre-based packaging: a frontrunner among sustainable products

Fibre Packaging Europe welcomes the European Commission’s Sustainable Products Initiative (SPI).

The Kids are Alright

In conjunction with the 2nd European Consumer Packaging Perceptions Study, Pro Carton asked over 3,500 young people their views on global issues and the environment.

It’s not all doom and gloom!

Most of us talk about the hardships that Covid-19 has brought but there have many positives, as we say in the UK “every cloud has a silver lining”. In the carton industry in particular, I think we have reason to be confident that overall we will come out of the pandemic stronger and with new and better ways of working.

Co-operations and Collaborations

The “It’s not all doom & gloom” article in this newsletter refers to unprecedented¹ global collective action and I believe that in 2020 the paper and forestry industry has also come together like never before.  

Packaging Preferences Survey

An independent survey exploring European consumer preferences and attitudes towards packaging has been commissioned by Two Sides.

Easter Eggs still popular despite crisis

Despite many people self-isolating, consumers in the UK are still looking forward to celebrating Easter

Pro Carton – A social media strategy that delivers

Social media is essential in any marketing strategy in the 21st century - it is a valuable tool for increasing awareness, reputation management and lead generation, offering benefits that other forms of marketing can’t compete with.

Cartons increase turnover!

How products affect the buyer depends not least on the packaging material. This is shown by a study conducted by the Justus Liebig University in Giessen.