PEFC Responsible Packaging Campaign:

Renewable, Responsibly Sourced, Recycled. Each has a role to play in ensuring that paper-based packaging never comes at the expense of forests.

PEFC’s approach to “Responsible Packaging” brings together these three Rs as part of a holistic sustainability solution that centres on forests:

  • Renewable:  Responsible Packaging must be renewable.  Packaging that is certified demonstrates that the virgin fibres it was made from were sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  • Responsibly Sourced:  Responsible Packaging is about more than how the forest is treated – to be truly sustainable, the people who produce it must also be treated fairly.
  • Recycled:  While recycling isn’t a complete solution to sustainability, it remains an essential part of any sustainability strategy and is a key component of PEFC’s approach to Responsible Packaging.

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