Get ready for a new era of Tambrite™

The next generation of Tambrite™ is here. Tambrite™ is a fully coated folding boxboard with a cream reverse side (GC2). Boasting a high stiffness and excellent material efficiency, it’s a board that can safeguard your product and create a great visual impression while also reducing costs throughout the packaging chain.

In celebrating 40 years of the brand, the new Tambrite™ is lighter while becoming stronger than ever. Thanks to its ideal stiffness-to-weight ratio, contents are well protected even when each package is lighter in weight. The lower weight means that you can get more packaging out of the same amount of raw material. Just as before, it offers excellent printability and complies with food and pharmaceutical industry standards, making it a perfect choice for food, pharma, chocolate, and confectionery packaging.

Tambrite™ is a sustainable packaging material based on renewable virgin fiber. 

The new Tambrite™

  • Reduced weight for more efficient material use
  • High stiffness with excellent durability
  • Excellent runnability and yield
  • Lower CO2 per package (resulting from lighter packages)
  • Compliant with standards for Food and Pharma
  • Meets flexibility demands in production
  • Performs well in converting to filling lines
  • Allows for laser and inkjet coding, and Braille embossing

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