RDM Group has finalised the agreement for the acquisition of 100% of share capital of Fiskeby International Holding AB, the producer of packaging board made from 100% recovered fiber, with one mill in Sweden.

Fiskeby was founded in Norrköping, Sweden, in 1637, as one of the first paper manufacturers in Europe. Today, it is the only company in Scandinavia to manufacture packaging board made of 100% recovered fibre. The mill’s primary product is multiboard, an eco-friendly packaging board, developed for the food and beverage, and household products markets.

Fiskeby is one of the only board mills in Scandinavia with the ability to use liquid packaging board and other composite packages as raw material and also produces renewable energy from industrial waste collection and the waste generated by the recycling process at the mill, avoiding the use of fossil resources and reducing CO2 emissions. The capacity of the mill is 170,000 tonnes per year. Fiskeby’s predominant geographic markets are Sweden, Germany and the UK.

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