Ishita Arora, from Nottingham Trent University, has been presented with the 2022 UK Young Designers Award for her Redesign of Menstrual Pad Packaging.

Ishita received her Award at the BPIF Cartons Summer Event in June – BPIF Cartons is the UK association representing the carton and cartonboard industry.

The Young Designers Award promotes young talent in the packaging industry.

Ishita Arora being presented the UK Young Designers Award 2022, by Jon Clark of BPIF Cartons.

Ishita’s winning entry was a redesign of the menstrual pad packaging by the company “Always”.

The design was “… aimed at reducing the plastic waste caused in the production of menstrual products.  This new design would help give the outer packaging box a second life as it turns it into a stand once opened.  The size and shape of the box would help organise the product and could be stored on your bathroom shelf or in the cupboard efficiently.

The design on the packaging speaks for the product and company being gender-neutral and inclusive for all of its consumers.  In conclusion, the packaging provides an environmentally friendly way to sell an essential health care product.”