New Technology – new Pro Carton website

Consumer behaviour is changing as more consumers adopt a digital life-style. In this context, packaging plays a very important role in transmitting quality and brand values of a product, first on a screen and then at home when the physical product is delivered.

Today, Pro Carton launches a new website which shows how cartonboard packaging is the ideal medium for this role, by enabling intelligent packaging solutions which are creative and innovative, on a sustainable substrate.

New technologies are transforming how consumers view packaging. In addition to being a showcase and vehicle for goods, consumers see packaging increasingly containing innovations that offer high levels of interaction and engagement Retailers, brand owners and suppliers are exploring ways to respond, including:
  • Consumer engagement with packed products carrying digital devices delivering interesting content
  • Next generation identification of products beyond the barcode, allowing more detailed information to be carried on the pack, which delivers more control for the supply chain and personalisation for consumers
  • Packaging, as a physical delivery system for the digital world, which is based on responsibly managed raw materials
Consumers buying habits may be influenced by the digital world, but once they have the packed product in front of them they want a good experience from handling it. The pack must be:
  • Easy-to-open and close
  • Informative
  • Attractive and representative
  • Protect and preserve the contents
  • Easy to dispose of
Cartons can deliver all of these attributes as well as other solutions which are driven by new technologies, benefiting the brand owner and retailer as well as the consumer. For example:
  • Food safety through the use of food contact approved additives and other raw materials, low migration inks, barriers and coatings, when required
  • Anti-counterfeiting systems e.g. on pharmaceutical cartons
New technologies enabled by the digital world can be applied onto cartonboard packaging, making these new developments more eco-efficient, since cartons are recoverable, recyclable and continuously being light weighted so that lighter packs perform to ever higher specifications. Resource efficient and coming from a natural raw material, cartonboard packaging can help to create value, convenience and sustainability in the supply chain, while delivering the new digital technologies currently being explored by brand owners and retailers. For further information on how cartons sustainably support digital and other emerging technologies please click on