A potential investment decision could be made in 2024 at the earliest, after which Metsä Board will hold detailed discussions with the entrepreneurs and make possible partner selections.

Last year, Metsä Board started pre-engineering for a new folding boxboard mill in Kaskinen. The pre-engineering includes aspects such as technical design and planning of infrastructure and logistics solutions. As part of the pre-engineering phase, the company is also identifying potential partners for the mill project.

“At the Partner Day, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to get to know the cooperation opportunities and the project experts. We were delighted to see a wide range of entrepreneurs from different construction and installation sectors,” says Tuomo Tuomi, the construction manager for the project.

The project needs partners in every area, as thousands of workers are needed during construction and installation. Several companies from the civil engineering sector were also present.

The project director presented topics such as the project timetable and labour needs. The Mayor of Kaskinen, Markku Lumio, also spoke at the event and said that the region was already preparing for the growing demand for housing and services.

“It is great that the City of Kaskinen and the entrepreneurs in the area are positive about the project. There was a really good atmosphere at the event, and the visitors were interested in many aspects of the project including the scope of the construction and the project timetable,” said Tuomi.

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