Fresh design ideas, sustainable materials, advanced technology: the world of packaging does not stand still. To provide an insight into the latest developments, the Fachverband Faltschachtel-Industrie (FFI) and Pro Carton present the second issue of the trend magazine LAUFRICHTUNG. Once again, it is characterised by inspiring people: In twelve interviews, experts from paper and folding carton production, food production, the waste management industry, design and science have their say, looking at the topic from very different perspectives. “The first issue of the magazine met with a very positive response last year,” reports Christian Schiffers, Managing Director of the FFI. “This has encouraged us to publish a second issue of LAUFRICHTUNG.”

LAUFRICHTUNG is once again published as a print magazine and PDF and is aimed at professional addressees such as brand manufacturers, cardboard and folding box manufacturers, retailers, agencies, product developers in companies, but also at the interested general public. Readers learn first-hand which trends are shaping packaging design, how Procter & Gamble, Ritter Sport and dm are committed to more sustainability, what makes packaging more recyclable, how bottles can be made from paper, where smart packaging is heading and much more. “We do not claim to cover the topics exhaustively,” emphasises Schiffers. “Rather, we invite you on a foray through the diverse world of packaging that may lead to new food for thought.”

Incidentally, the name of the trend magazine is ambiguous: in paper and board production, the term LAUFRICHTUNG refers to the direction in which most of the fibres of a paper run – i.e. also the trend.

The new issue of LAUFRICHTUNG is published in German and English and can be downloaded as a PDF from Pro Carton Publications page here.