Infographics 5: How water is used in making cartonboard

Pro Carton has designed a series of striking infographics to demonstrate the sustainability of cartonboard packaging. Here is the fifth in the series. All infographics are also available from Pro Carton as carrier bag for documents – opened, the bag turns into a poster with all of the series. Best to order immediately free of charge on this website posterbag  

How water is used in making cartonboard

Water is an essential element for paper and board production, but although a primary ingredient, only a small part of this water is “consumed”: 92% of water used is returned to the environment. Water Infographic The idea of providing a footprint for the use of water is becoming increasingly important. However, the approach to water will be fundamentally different to carbon, as water issues are local and carry different weights across Europe. Pro Carton, together with other paper-based associations such as CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries), is exploring how a water footprint might be evaluated in the paper-based industries. Look out for the next edition of Pro Carton’s e-news and the Infographic which will tell the story of Recovery and Recycling of Cartons. For more information, please visit the Sustainability section of the website or contact Suzanne McEwen, Pro Carton: