Infographics 3: Pro Carton’s carbon footprint

Pro Carton has designed a series of striking infographics to demonstrate the sustainability of cartonboard packaging. Here is the third in the series. All infographics are also available from Pro Carton as carrier bag for documents – opened, the bag turns into a poster with all of the series. Best to order immediately free of charge on this website

Pro Carton’s carbon footprint – fossil and biogenic

Pro Carton regularly measures the average fossil carbon footprint of the European cartonboard and carton industries: it is currently 915 kg CO2eq / tonne cartonboard produced and converted. This figure has been improving over time and shows that cartonboard packaging’s environmental performance continues to be among the best of all packaging materials. Alongside this, a study of biogenic carbon in cartons shows a significant amount is “locked up” in the carton’s raw material – wood fibre. . infographic_w The raw material for cartonboard is wood fibre, which is derived from sustainably managed forests whose trees absorb and store carbon – this process is measured in terms of biogenic carbon. The scientific institute, Swedish Environmental Research Institute, IVL developed a methodology for measuring biogenic carbon in cartons by relating the carbon benefits of the natural raw material to cartonboard packaging. infographic_w The study by IVL illustrates the link between sustainably managed forests, forest carbon sequestration and cartons: consumer demand for cartons stimulates demand for timber (wood fibre to make cartonboard) which in turn encourages the sustainable management of forests, which leads to forest carbon sequestration. European and national legislation also play a part in encouraging sustainable forest management. Look out for the next edition of Pro Carton’s e-news and the Infographics which will tell the story of energy use in the paper and board industry. For more information, please visit the Sustainability section of the website or contact Suzanne McEwen, Pro Carton: