In the fast-paced landscape of packaging, where every fold and crease influence how products are presented and experienced, the cartonboard and carton industry stands as a crucial force. Within this dynamic field, innovation harmonises with sustainability, and remarkable individuals are leaving an indelible mark.

Meet Leonie Vetter, a driving force in this realm, serving as the torchbearer for sustainability at Faller Packaging. Leonie’s journey in the packaging industry is not just inspiring; it’s a testament to the richness of opportunities that unfold within our ever-evolving industry.

Leonie Vetter, Team Leader, Pre-packaging services at Faller Packaging, talks about her Career in the Cartonboard and Folding Carton Industry

Leonie Vetter is the torchbearer for sustainability at Faller Packaging.

Q: Leonie, could you introduce yourself and tell us about your current role in the carton and cartonboard industry? What sparked your interest in this field and led you to your current career path?

A: I’m Leonie Vetter, 30 years old, currently serving as the team leader in the PrePackaging Service (PPS) at Faller Packaging. My fascination with packaging, both in terms of construction and design, ignited during a two-week internship at Faller Packaging in 2012. This experience prompted me to pursue a degree in packaging technology, focusing on fibers and development during my studies.  After completing my master’s thesis at Faller Packaging, I was hired as an assistant to the site manager, where I played a crucial role in setting up the PPS. Leading the PPS team for the past three years has been an engaging challenge in working on complex packaging solutions.

Q: Can you share with us some key milestones and experiences that have played a significant role in shaping your career in the carton and cartonboard industry?

A: My educational journey includes a Bachelor of Engineering in Packaging Technology and a Master of Science in Packaging Development Management. Gaining insights into various companies during my studies provided a well-rounded perspective on the industry. A pivotal milestone was the establishment of the PPS area at Faller Packaging, involving the adoption of automation and integration into the company. Taking on the responsibility for the new department marked a significant turning point, managing daily operations, troubleshooting, and fostering team growth.

Q: Are there any recent projects or initiatives you find particularly exciting or innovative?

A: Our work on sustainable packaging solutions for pharmaceutical customers has been a highlight.  We’re replacing plastic inserts with cartonboard inserts, enhancing the safety of products like syringes and vials. Automation projects have been a focus, involving the development of processes for our work with cobots, or collaborative robots, and fully automated packaging equipment. Bridging the gap between manual and automated production lines enables us to provide efficient services where fully automated lines may not be suitable.

Q: What does a typical day or week look like in your current role?

A: There really is no typical day or week, which is what makes it so exciting. However, some of my daily activities include order control, troubleshooting machine issues, post-calculation of orders with optimizations if needed, and managing and developing my team, which includes discussions, training, and problem-solving. In PPS, every product is like a small project, and I’m involved in supporting and introducing innovative solutions.

Q: What industry trends or developments are you most excited about, and how do they influence your work?

A: I am particularly excited about new packaging solutions using paper and board to substitute plastics. These trends drive our work towards developing innovative and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional packaging materials. Recently, our R&D department created a unique design that won the European Carton Excellence Award (ECEA) in 2022 for Faller Packaging. This design features a fiber-based tray that can be sterilized by gamma radiation and used in operating rooms. It’s just one example of the innovative possibilities in which we can replace plastic with fiberbased packaging solutions. These trends are driving our work towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging alternatives.

Q: What advice would you give to individuals considering a career in the carton and cartonboard industry?

A: I would encourage anyone interested to get a taste of the industry, try it out, and gain practical experience. The carton and cartonboard industry offers a wide range of activities, catering to various interests, from technical roles to management positions. It’s a dynamic field with something for everyone.

Q: Lastly, what makes you proud to work in the carton and cartonboard industry?

A: Understanding the background of the goods we use is crucial for making informed decisions and reducing the negative impact on the limited resources of our planet. This awareness makes me proud to be part of an industry that shapes sustainable and innovative solutions for packaging challenges.

Leonie Vetter’s journey in the carton and cartonboard industry at Faller Packaging is a testament to the dynamic and impactful roles within this field. As Leonie continues to shape the future of packaging at Faller Packaging, her experiences serve as an inspiration to those considering a career in the carton and cartonboard industry, emphasising the exciting opportunities and the potential for positive environmental impact within this evolving field.