France celebrates its prize winners

In a joint ceremony in France, the successful designers of the Pro Carton Young Designers Award and the European Carton Excellence Award were honoured. The designers Tony Lemonnier with „Lemoine Cotton Buds“ and Thibault Palluau with „Chtulhu“, both from Groupe Posson Packaging, won gold twice at the European Carton Excellence Award. National winner of the Pro Carton Young Designers Award in France is Maxime Pagès from L'école de Design Nantes Atlantique with his design „Vrac”: „Vrac is a new way to add value to your bulk store disposable containers. The goal of this project is to offer another option to the current paper bags, with a more robust and stylish look. It is easy to open, seal and store, making it safer for your food, and lasting longer overall! It's deployable sides prevent you from the trouble of spilling dry ingredients everywhere, for an overall easier usage.”