LEGISLATION: EU Policy & Legislation Relevant to the Cartonboard and Carton Industries.

Suggested “Green Lane” document for Hauliers

Here is a suggested poster that can be sent with goods and also be given to lorry drivers for their use in clearing borders.  It is in 10 languages.

Cross-border transport of raw materials, goods and packaging should continue

The paper & board converters call on the European Commission and Member States governments to ensure continued cross-border and intercountry transport of raw materials, goods and packaging.

CEPI letter to EU Commission regarding essential industry

CEPI has appealed for urgent support in keeping those parts of the European pulp and paper sector functioning that are essential and vital for the key activities in the society.

Open letter from ECMA and Pro Carton regarding supply chain

ECMA and Pro Carton have sent a statement to the EU Transport Commissioner demanding free passage of packaging for food and pharmaceuticals.

The Green Shoots of 4Evergreen

As many people in the carton industry will know, a new alliance was formed at the back end of last year called 4Evergreen to boost the contribution of fibre-based packaging in the circular economy.

What does Pro Carton do?

Hopefully you are aware of the major activities that Pro Carton undertake as part of our task to promote the benefits of cartons and cartonboard but you may not be aware of some of the other activities that Pro Carton get involved in and we thought it might be interesting to share some of these with you.

EU governments approve new rules on waste

EU ambassadors have given their support to the provisional agreement reached between the Estonian presidency and the European Parliament last December on new waste rules.

Pro Carton challenges draft EU plastics strategy

The European Commission has been working on a Plastics Strategy to tackle the problem of plastic waste in the seas and on the streets.

European paper industry calls for a reviewed Bioeconomy Strategy that bolsters investment

The European paper industry takes a positive stance on the European Commission’s Staff Working Document on the review of the 2012 Bioeconomy Strategy.

EU decide against plastic tax

The EU has decided against taxing plastic products, in favour of raising public awareness about the harm that plastics are doing to the environment.

European Parliament votes in favour of a LULUCF regulation better fit for purpose

The European organisations representing forestry and agriculture sectors as well as woodworking and paper industries see the reaction of the European Parliament within the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) regulation as a positive step. The Parliament voted today in favour of a more dynamic forest reference levels to account for emissions and […]