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Baden Board saves food

Fighting against food waste, Baden Board present their newly developed “food saver” board.

Sustainability a top priority

Smurfit Kappa have conducted a sustainability survey amongst 200 senior executives and 1500 consumers in the UK.

Safety in food packaging more important than ever; Stora Enso

Within a matter of months and weeks, the coronavirus has turned the way we live upside down and forced us to rethink many of the things we’ve previously taken for granted. At Stora Enso, efforts are aimed at protecting people and providing vital packaging materials to customers, many of whom serve the medical, hygiene and food industries.

Stora Enso introduces new barrier boards to replace plastic in food packaging

Stora Enso is expanding its range of renewable packaging materials by introducing new dispersion barrier materials for paper cups and food packaging. The new barrier solution responds to market demands for eco-friendly, renewable and recyclable packaging materials to replace plastics in food service applications.

Metsä Board’s impact report showcases importance of sustainable packaging in tackling food waste

Metsä Board, the leading European producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards and part of Metsä Group, has published a web-based impact report to demonstrate the importance of sustainable packaging. Metsä Board created the report with experts at AskKauko, a Finnish software start-up developing next-generation impact communications.

Stora Enso enters collaboration to develop sustainable barriers for formed fiber products

Stora Enso has entered into a strategic collaboration with HS Manufacturing Group (HSMG), a producer of plant-based barrier coatings, to develop Stora Enso’s formed fiber offering. The technology offers a biodegradable and recyclable additive that gives fiber-based packaging water-, grease- and oil-resistant properties.

New strong cartonboard takes lightweighting to a new level

CrownBoard is the new cartonboard brand from BillerudKorsnäs, so strong that it allows for substantial reduction of packaging weight. The launch of CrownBoard gives customers new opportunities to save cost and reduce environmental impact.

Stora Enso introduces a renewable paperboard tube for cosmetics packaging to replace plastic

Stora Enso is introducing a paperboard tube for cosmetics packaging as a new, climate-friendly alternative to plastic tubes. The paperboard tube is suitable for the primary packaging of skin cream products.

Metsä Board introduces a new plastic-free eco-barrier paperboard

Metsä Board has taken the next step in barrier packaging of the future: a new plastic-free eco-barrier paperboard that can be recycled in paper or paperboard streams.

Stora Enso and Fiskeby show the way to circular bioeconomy

Stora Enso and Fiskeby show the way to circular bioeconomy: recycling trials prove that paper cups made from renewable fibre can be recycled