Reflections on 2022 and Outlook for 2023 from Horst Bittermann, Director General of Pro Carton

Horst Bittermann, Director General of Pro Carton, offers a brief summary for our industry in 2022 and some predictions looking forward to 2023.

Communicating during COVID

Christmas is the season of joy, of gift-giving, and of families united. Sadly, all these things will be put to the test over the festive period this year, with COVID-19 continuing to affect every corner of the globe.

European forest industry calls for EU support

In light of the European Commission’s expected announcement of which business ecosystems will be targeted by the European Recovery Plan and new Industrial Strategy for Europe, the partners of the forest-based sector have sent a proposal to EU Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry Breton, to include the European Forest-based Industries Ecosystem as one of the ecosystems eligible for support in the plan.

More than 2 million!

Members of the Fiber Shield coalition have now donated more than two million face shields to protect key workers around the world.


Medical professionals across Europe have been facing shortages of crucial protective supplies, including face shields. Our industry is stepping up, by designing and manufacturing folding carton face shields; and making the designs available for all to use.

Key workers

A short video about key workers at Alexir Partnership and Iggesund, produced in conjunction with BPIF Cartons.

Cepi supports EU Green Recovery

Pascal Canfin, Chair of the Environment Committee at the European Parliament, has launched the European alliance for a Green Recovery. This first pan-European call for mobilisation on post-crisis green investment packages will work to build the recovery and transformation plans which enshrine the fight against climate change and biodiversity as a key pillar of the economic strategy.

Cepi Tribute

Cepi, on behalf of the European paper industry association, has paid tribute to all their employees guaranteeing continued production of essential products and to all transport operators ensuring deliveries across Europe.  A short tribute video has also been produced.

Production of Protective Masks

Masks to protect against the COVID-19 virus are now being produced by various Pro Carton and ECMA members.

President’s statement

The carton and cartonboard industry is doing its utmost to maintain the flow of essential goods, in particular packaging for foods, pharmaceuticals and hygiene products being aware of its crucial role to ensure security of supply.

McKinsey Guide

McKinsey recently published this guide for retailers which may interest Pro Carton members.

Carton industry responding well

A short animated video for social media use from Pro Carton about the carton industry’s response to COVID-19.