Medical professionals across Europe have been facing shortages of crucial protective supplies, including face shields. Our industry is stepping up, by designing and manufacturing folding carton face shields; and making the designs available for all to use. The face shield designs, that we are aware of, have come from two sources:

GPI face shield – you can download the details here. GPI are not seeking to benefit from their design hence there is no need to include any branding. A disclaimer for these face shields is included.

IPG / Fibershield.org – details are in the following website https://fibershield.org/. Pro Carton are now a recognised supporter of the programme.  The patent pending and proprietary paperboard-based face shield designs featured on this site may be used by packaging firms, royalty free through 2020, so long as users commit to donating a minimum of 100,000 face shield to health care providers in 2020. Over 750,000 shields have been donated already.