Cartonboard Q&A with Horst Bittermann featured in Analyse: Deutschland

Analyse: Deutschland 22nd July 2019 Horst Bittermann, President of the European Cartonboard Association, Pro Carton answers some key questions about cartonboard. How sustainable are cartons compared to other packaging? Folding cartons are made from renewable raw materials which are biodegradable, recyclable, and therefore the mainstay of the modern circular economy. It is clearly the best material in class. Compared to other materials, we see a clear advantage here, because cartonboard becomes cartonboard again. Is cartonboard 100 per cent recyclable and is the material easier to recycle than other materials? Yes cartonboard fibre is 100% recyclable.  Cartonboard is simply collected as waste paper and turned into cartonboard at a recycling plant. The cartonboard and paper industry has always been a pioneer of an ecological recycling economy. Fibre-based packaging is a model and a prime example: according to Eurostat, 85% of cardboard and paper-based packaging is already being recycled. Are there any findings as to how often a carton is reused on average? According to the latest research findings, paper fibres can be recycled almost indefinitely!   President of Pro Carton, Horst Bittermann, took part in a short Q&A with Analyse where he discussed the sustainability of cartonboard compared with other packaging, as well as its recyclability. Read the original article in German here