What is the current situation with PPWR?

The PPWR is navigating its way through the various Committees in the European Parliament and within the Council of Ministers.  In Parliament, MEPs have tabled 2741 amendments to the ENVI report on the Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation.  These need to be debated and where required, compromise amendments tabled … and the committee opinions or reports adopted.

What are the next steps?

The committees involved need to formally adopt their opinions or reports according to the following dates:

  • Adoption of Draft Opinion (IMCO): 18 July 2023
  • Adoption of Draft Opinion (ITRE): 19 July 2023
  • Adoption of Draft Opinion (AGRI): 30 August 2023
  • Adoption of Draft Report (ENVI): 20 September 2023

The indicative plenary vote in the European Parliament is 2 October 2023.  In parallel, the Council of Ministers is also holding discussions, both at a technical and a political level, with a view to establishing its internal position. Once the Council and the European Parliament have finalised their positions on the proposal, informal negotiations (trilogues) are expected to begin with the aim of reaching an agreement.  European Parliament elections have been confirmed for June 2024 hence the Commission will be focussed on pushing the PPWR through within their current mandate.

Personal evaluation: Mike Turner, Managing Director, ECMA

I feel satisfied that our concerns are being listened to, including the single use vs reusable packaging debate, but I remain cautious as the Non Government Organisations (NGO’s) are recognising this and are pushing the European Parliament and Council of Ministers to support ambitious waste prevention and reuse measures – as demonstrated by a joint open letter recently sent by 80 NGO’s & European reuse businesses.