The E-vent – in bite size chunks!

For those that might have missed it, or those that want to see it again, the 2020 Carton E-vent and Awards is now available to view in discrete sections on the Pro Carton website.  e-vent Whilst there were, inevitably, a few hitches associated with a live streaming, overall it seemed to go very well and thank you for all the very positive feedback. e-vent The E-vent has been divided up into the following 11 sections so you can watch whatever you want, from the presentation of the Carton of the Year to the Bloopers’ reel!
  1. Presentation from Tony Hitchin
  2. Presentation from Mike Turner
  3. Interview with Eddie the Eagle
  4. Address by Jean-Francois Roche
  5. Address by Horst Bitterman
  6. Pro Carton Young Designers Award
  7. Pro Carton Student Video Award
  8. The European Carton Excellence Awards - overall winners
  9. Gold and Platinum Awards
  10. Skit with Eddie the Eagle
  11. Bloopers
Full live stream