Pro Carton Website in New Design

The new Pro Carton website went online on 18. September 2014 – entirely modern and clear. Starting in English, the site will soon be available in all five languages as usual, i.e. German, French, Italian and Spanish as well. The potentials of cartonboard and cartons are to be presented even better and with greater variety. We look forward to your feedback! For translations in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian click HERE! The new Internet look has one main focus: to make the services of Pro Carton better accessible and more convenient. The entire navigation has been revised and structured clearer: our visitors should be able to find the contents they are interested in quicker, more directly and more focused. All those not looking for anything specific, but who visit the site regularly to see what is new, as well "by chance passersby", are welcomed by the friendly and generous design. The starting page has a spacious design with images and brief texts which immediately highlight what is new and important. A separate version for Smartphones provides all current and major contents for those on the go. A new website should always be viewed as Work in Progress. The coming months will be used for fine-tuning and further development. As with all our projects, we take into account the input, feedback and comments of our audience. Please let us have your opinions and send us your suggestions – we really look forward to perfecting the website with your feedback over the coming months.