The newly-revised Pro Carton Mission Statement is a declaration of the purpose of Pro Carton which details a number of ways in which the Association serves its Members and the wider community.

Pro Carton continues to “promote the functionalities and benefits of cartons and cartonboard as a renewable, recyclable and competitive packaging material to brand owners, retailers, designers, the media and EU policymakers”!

There were a number of reasons why reviewing and modifying the Mission Statement at this time was important for Pro Carton:

  • Our industry is facing ever-increasing challenges in EU Legislation (such as the current PPWR discussion). The role that Pro Carton plays in advocacy for our industry is now very much at the forefront.
  • Sustainable Forest Management is another key requirement and needs to be stressed in our new mission statement.
  • The wording of the statement no longer reflected new economic realities. And it is most critical to highlight circularity leadership we take in the packaging arena.

We took the results of the latest Pro Carton Member Survey as valuable input for creating our new mission statement.  Revising the Mission Statement enabled us to create a joint thinking process on where we need to aim for long term – we looked at direction, inspiration and vision.

The revised Mission Statement outlines the strategic view of the Association, it unites the goals and activities of Pro Carton and highlights to us the importance of member engagement in all the areas we focus on.

With this revised Mission Statement in our minds, we can

  • Develop the Pro Carton Marketing and Advocacy Working Streams (link to that article when published)
  • Deliver the highest-quality, detailed Information and Statistics and
  • Provide a networking hub to support our Members to make their businesses the best that they can be!
Michele Bianchi, President of Pro Carton