The campaign, soon to be added to the EU Transparency register, seeks to raise awareness of what our larger value chains can do to address the critical environmental challenges facing Europe and offer visibility to a wide range of renewable solutions and bio-based products too often overlooked by EU policymakers.

Our aim is to help EU policymakers make informed choices:

  • choices that provide for regenerative products and materials;
    choices that can guarantee enhanced natural capital and sustainable forests in Europe;
    choices that allow for future proof investments, away from fossil energies;
    choices that support EU competitiveness.

In addition to our Circular Choices campaign, we will also use this briefing to announce the formation of the broadest coalition yet between the wood, fibre-based, paper and board products sectors, and renewable energy providers. Together this coalition represents 3% of the EU’s GDP and 20% of its manufacturing companies and has been brought together ahead of the EU elections to address the many critical environmental challenges facing Europe. We will share on the occasion of this press briefing a paper detailing the coalition’s common challenges, needs and solutions.

Tuesday, 28 March 2023
9:00 to 10:00 am CEST
Online event streamed via MS Teams

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Together, members of the Circular Choices Coalition offer extensive experience, critical expertise and multiple actionable solutions to ensure EU’s transition towards a circular bioeconomy. We represent sustainable, circular, and integrated European value chains that will be crucial to enable the EU to reach its net-zero goal by 2050.

Our combined sectors collectively provide integrated solutions to the global climate challenge on a significant scale, and the Coalition’s competitiveness is dependent on secure access to affordable clean energy sources. To achieve this, an enabling policy framework is needed to ensure that industry has the capacity to further invest in industrial transformation to achieve the 2050 climate neutrality targets.

An enabling policy environment would allow our sectors to collectively reach EU fossil fuel emissions mitigation equivalent to 30%. 

Cepi – The Confederation of European Paper Industries.