02.08.2019 – MM Karton

Minimise waste, maximise the product impression – this could be the slogan of Austein Gård´s new cartonboard packaging for their strawberries. The new packaging design made out of UT Tray Black completely replaces the formerly used plastic container whilst being an eye-catcher at the point of sale. It is produced by Norstamp Etikett & Emballasje.

Tradition meets innovation

The successful combination of tradition and progress is the foundation of Austein Gård, a Norwegian farm with a long history. Since 1934 they have been producing strawberries, raspberries and different cereals. The farm may be old, but the owners are constantly breaking new ground in order to grow and improve – packaging is one aspect. For their plastic containers for strawberries, they were looking for a sustainable and recyclable alternative conveying the freshness and quality of their products. They found the natural answer in a new cartonboard packaging made of UT Tray Black, which completely replaces the previously used plastic packaging. The new packaging design has the form of a basket, which can be considered the traditional type of fruit packaging.

UT Tray Black for a sustainable and eye-catching presentation

With its black top side and brown reverse side, UT Tray Black perfectly presents the strawberries:
The contrast of black cartonboard and red strawberries is a real eye-catcher at the point of sale. The brown reverse side underscores the natural character of the packaged fruits and is appealingly printed in the colours of the Norwegian flag. As fruits release moisture and are also generally washed prior to packing, form stability in humid conditions is highly important. Thanks to a special sizing, UT Tray Black is water resistant and thus maintains its stable form.

“We love our new packaging for strawberries! It fits our products perfectly: Strawberries are a natural product, cartonboard is the natural form of packaging,” Sondre Austein, fourth generation at Austein Gård.