Metsä Board has published a series of five videos describing the Finnish forest cycle and how responsible forest management supports forest biodiversity and sustainable forest growth.

The first video in the series is about forest regeneration and biodiversity management while the second focuses on the management of young forests and the third on forest thinning. The fourth video is about herb-rich forests, which represent only 1% of Finland’s forests but are home to half of the threatened forest species. The fifth and final video in the series focuses on climate change and the circular economy.

“Our aim was to explain the sustainable Nordic forest cycle in an easily understandable way and at the same time correct common misconceptions. “For example, a surprising number of people still think that fully grown trees are harvested for paperboard and paper. In fact, these products are produced from a chemical pulp that uses smaller pieces of wood from forest thinnings and the thinner, top parts of trees; the main trunk is used for wood products and sawn timber,” says Ritva Mönkäre, Communications Manager at Metsä Board.

The video series was filmed in Nemus Futurum, which is Metsä Group’s forest visitor centre located in Lohja, Finland. The videos are available on Metsä Board’s website and on YouTube.

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