On 29 September, the National Awards of KASAD – Pro Carton Young Designers Competition – were distributed in Swissotel The Bosphorus – Asuka Hall, Istanbul, Turkey as part of the September meeting of the Cardboard Packaging Industrialists Association.  Young designers from Turkish Universities who participated in the Pro Carton Young Designers Award ’23 competition were introduced and awarded at the event.

The KASAD-Pro Carton Young Designers Competition award ceremony started with an opening speech from ETMK President SERTAÇ ERSAYIN, followed by the famous designer Dr. After ORHAN IRMAK’s speech on “New Trends in Sustainability and Packaging Design”.

“The devoted work and creative projects of talented young designers from industrial design departments of universities all around Turkey deserve great applause.

We were proud to bring young designers together with their national awards on this special day. We will continue to support young people to build the future of the cardboard packaging world!

We see our investment as an investment in the future by supporting all the young people who take us to the impressive world of creativity with cardboard packaging designs.”

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