Your product: 100 % unique.

Your story: 100% authentic.

And how do you tell consumers?

It’s simple: packaging with augmented reality (AR). AR – a megatrend worldwide – adds a new multimedia dimension to every piece of packaging, and every piece of print. It enables more information, more inspiration, and more consumer interaction directly with the product.

Retailers like Aldi Süd, brands like Bitburger, L’Oréal or Johnson & Johnson, as well as agencies, service providers and paper manufacturers, who use the AR technology as a software as a service solution (SaaS), are leading the way. And how have they done this? By partnering with the Düsseldorf-based technology platform snoopstar, the market leader in AR for brands.

Entertaining videos, product presentations, helpful instructions, sales-promoting background information, matching activities and exclusive competitions – with the help of Snoopstar, the printed pages of flyers, magazines, displays, packaging or parcel inserts become an immersive digital experience. Consumers simply open the free snoopstar app and point their mobile phone camera at a page. The digital content specified by each brand then appears on consumers’ mobile phone display.  Printed cartons receive an extended product experience. Direct links to the brand’s e-shop, to accessories or social media campaigns, are easily included.

The best thing about it: every click is measurable, so that brand communication can be more precisely aligned with company objectives, even in print. The technology doesn’t require special markers, so even existing products can be digitally enhanced – without reprinting or disturbing QR codes. The digital content can be adapted daily and displayed in different languages as well as locally individualised (thanks to geofencing with an accuracy of up to six metres).

In the digital age of experiences, this bridging between offline and online demonstrably meets the consumers’ desire for more interactivity in print and packaging. This is proven not only by numerous brand studies but by three German Brand Awards and an Effie – the Oscar of the communications industry – which have all been awarded to snoopstar.

Thanks to the company’s Trusted Partner concept, agencies, print service providers and manufacturers can become AR providers themselves. The SaaS solution allows them to offer the AR service to their own customers, thus expanding their portfolio and sales along the way – and adding a whole new dimension to value-added printing.

Try it out! Download the free snoopstar app and point your mobile phone camera at the images below!: