European Carton Excellence Anniversary Award: Hall of Fame

Another addition to our 25th anniversary celebration of the European Carton Excellence Award is the Hall of Fame which recognises all the winners since the competition began in 1997.

The Hall of Fame

The Board of Honour (as shown above) will sit in our new Hall of Fame on the Pro Carton website which contains a gallery of all Carton of the Year Award winners from the past 25 years - with all the credits and photos.  Each year the Carton of the Year winner will be added to the Board of Honour and admitted to the Hall of Fame!

A Special Year

The anniversary year will create additional interest in the European Carton Excellence Award. All category winners and, of course, the winners of the Platinum and Gold Awards as well as the Public Award winner will also benefit from this. Never before has the marketing of the Award and its participants been as extensive as this year.